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Exclusive: Museveni takes interest in Kira-Sema Properties land row

By An Executive Editor

President Yoweri Museveni has taken interest in the land row involving one Hellen Namazzi and Sulaiti Semakula. The row is over land comprising Kyadondo Block 222 (formerly Plot 26) land at Namugongo. The land has since changed ownership from Sulaiti to Yusuf Semakula. What is clear is that the matter has been subject to court. In a High Court ruling of October 24, 2016 arising from a civil Suit No. 186 of 2007. Namazzi had dragged Ssemakula Sulaiti and two others in an ownership row. However, she lost the matter miserably.

“The first defendant (Banadda Kayondo Kiwanuka being the registered proprietor of the suit land is entitled to vacant possession and ownership thereof. The 2nd defendant Ssemkula Sulaiti is hereby declared the lawful and bonafide purchaser of 1.5 acres thereof. I also note that the issue of bonafide occupancy was neither pleaded at trial nor was it raised as an issue for determination on appeal. The record shows allegations by the appellant that she was in occupation of the land since 1963. This fact was not proved by her and thus both courts cannot be faulted for an issue that was never proved to their satisfaction. The evidence on record remains insufficient to prove that the appellant is a bonafide occupant on the land,” part of the ruling reads.

In fact, the court found that the appellant was not in possession of the suit land.

“The appellant did not at any one time demarcate, alienate and or transfer the said parcels into her names or those of her deceased husband’s estate.”

The trial Judge, therefore, found that the appellant’s claim was unsustainable and he dismissed the matter. He also found that the 2nd respondent (Ssemakula Sulaiti) was a bonafide purchaser for value.

“The plaintiff’s suit is hereby dismissed,” the trial Judge concluded.

But while this matter was successfully and satisfactorily set aside by court, some selfish people continue to drag the matter back and forth.

Hands of power individuals and those of the agencies of government have been sighted behind witch-hunting Ssemakula Sulaiti.

On top of the ruling, police reports show that Ssemakula Sulaiti remains the rightful owner of the said land.

In a letter dated January 2, 2023, Kampala Metropolitan Police Commander, Stepen Tanui wrote to the inspector General of Police informing him that each party  on the said land “remains in their respective occupancy as per court orders”

Tanui’s letter followed a meeting held on December 28, 2022 over the matter.

Well-placed sources say that after Tanui’s letter, the IGP guided that the court order be respected.

In his report to the Regional Police Commander – RPC – KKMP/East, the Divisional Police Commander – DPC – Kira – Abasi Ssenyonjo reiterated IGP’s guidance, recommending that ..”it is only fit and proper that each party remains in occupation of the they occupy for now until court determines the question of Namazzi’s bonafide occupancy and the extent of her occupancy.”

While the writing remains clear on the wall, grabbers want to use the opportunity to strike. It is on record that the President has been following issues of land grabbing in Kira and Wakiso in general. This explains why he disbanded Gen. Lukyamuzi’s commission after it emerged that it had been compromised. However, insiders say that some people are using the State House Anti-Corruption Unit with distorted information to their selfish interest while disregarding the directives of the courts. Against the above background, insiders say the President has taken keen interest in the matter of Kira/Sema Properties.

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