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Exclusive: Report in Budo Homo case probe pins Mother for covering up for her gay son, damaging school’s image

By Executive Editor

A probe into the accusation of promoting homosexuality allegations against Kings’ College – Budo has turned around against the parent.

In the recent past, social media platforms were awashed with reports of sodomy at the top performing school.

“The teacher of Kings College Budo has been sodomizing my son for four years now,” reads the headline of the message which made news on WhatsApp. An investigation has traced the author of the message to 0752 187904, a contact earlier submitted to the school by a student during the Covid-19 lockdown for purposes of sharing reading material and coaching. The report identifies the child who submitted the number as Polla Kusiima, a senior three student at the time. Kusiima is the sister of Jordan Muhwezi, the alleged victim of sodomy. They are children of Doreen Tumuhirirwe.

A probe report shows that Muhwezi has a sodomy history from SMACK (St. Marys’ College, Kisubi) and Seeta High School. At SMACK, armed men reportedly headed by his father nearly shot the deputy head teacher after it emerged that Muhwezi was sodomizing fellow students. He was suspended from SMACK. He then joined Seeta High from where he was also suspended. All this time, Tumuhirirwe is said to have covered up for her son. The son would later join Budo.

The report shows that Muhwezi started his sodomy escapades while residing at Ghana Boys’ House, an act that called for an investigation.

According to the report, findings of the investigation directed that Muhwezi be sent home (suspended). However, he was asked to commit from home so as to do his Uganda Advanced Certificate of Education – UACE. This decision is said to have angered Tumuhirirwe and hence the revenge act.

Teacher Isabirye

It should be noted that in Tumuhiriwe’s damaging messages, she accused Isabirye, a House teacher for Ghana Boys House, for sodomizing her son. It has emerged that Isabirye had expelled a group of students for cheating exams. The students included Kevin Mugabi, a close friend of Muhwezi, Harlod Mukulembeze, and Loco Muhame. The day the pair was suspended, Mukulembeze and Muhwezi are said to have comforted Mugabi before he left the school. The report shows that Mugabi was attached to Muhwezi group for financial gains because he was “bright, intelligent and daring”, and that Muhwezi frequented Ghana House to ‘visit’ IKK.

Upon interrogation (by roommates), K confessed to being sodomized by Muhwezi.

K further confessed that during the second Covid-19 lockdown, Muhwezi invited him to Entebbe from where he was taken to a construction site and sodomized. The site belonged to Muhwezi’s father.

In fact, a probe showed that nine other students were in Muhwezi’s sodomy cartel.

However, Muhwezi is said to have denied a thousand times of being gay, despite the fact that he was seen several times kissing another student identified as KEM.

“Isabirye’s involvement (investigation) in the issue ended at that,” the report reads in part.

Administration takes over the matter

Once Isabirye concluded his probe, the school administration took over the matter.

The following day, the school administration received a phone call alleging that K was in danger. The school then phoned the parents of K for a meeting and advised that he is taken home for safety reasons. Muhwezi, too, was sent home in the presence of his mother. This was on October 25, 2022.

According to the report, on the eve of 25th (October 2022), teacher Isabirye received a phone call from a former parent and wife of Hajji Kagwa and mother of Kagugube Swabuli (currently studying in the United States). The call alerted Isabirye that a parent was swearing to finish him off for suspending her child over sodomy. Further, a voice note from Tumuhirirwe came, threatening another school teacher. The parent also vowed to take on Isabirye legally. All this time, K was undergoing psychological therapy.

It later emerged that Muhwezi’s mother had hired casual laborers at the school to monitor all movements of Isabirye. One of those who was in touch with Muhwezi’s mother has been identified as Henry Akini.

The report reveals that Tumuhirirwe’s allegations against Budo and Isabirye are for revenge purposes, and that all allegations are baseless given the fact that Muhwezi was involved in an act of sodomy while still at SMACK and Seeta High from where he was suspended for the same reasons, before joining Budo in the second term of his Senior 5 education.

It is therefore important to note that while Tumuhirirwe accused the school and Isabirye of sodomizing her son, she has never reported the matter anywhere. Meanwhile, we have learnt that the Archbishop of the Church of Uganda visited the school last week and ordered the students involved in tarnishing the image of the great school suspended.

A source who was at the school says the Archbishop during his visit prayed for the school and entire administration, urging them to remain firm and follow the Christian values. 

“He also prayed for the family of teacher Isabirye. Archbishop Kazimba ordered the school to fire the students who are implicated in homosexuality at the mighty school,” a source says.

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