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Experts poke holes in Bobi Wine’s assassination claims

Security experts have watered down claims by the opposition National Unity Platform (NUP) leader, Robert Kyaglanyi Sssentamu, alias Bobi Wine, that his life is in danger as he traverses the country.

NUP said in a statement Thursday that it changed its program in Kabale District, South Western Uganda, on Thursday following a briefing by European diplomats that the life of its leader, Bobi Wine, was in danger.

“This morning, we received reliable intelligence from some European Diplomatic Sources of a planned attempt on the life of President KYAGULANYI Ssentamu Robert aka @HEBobiwine, and other NUP leaders at the planned NUP mobilization events in Kabale District,” said NUP in a statement on Thursday evening.

“This caused us to make strategic adjustments in our programs for the day, including concluding our events earlier than planned.”

However, security experts say NUP’s claims do not stand.

1. In whose interest is Bobi Wine’s death, Uganda or foreign powers?

2. If Bobi Wine was to be assassinated by a local assassin, would a diplomatic source know before the Ugandan security forces?

3. Why does the Assassin have to wait for Kabale? Can’t he be murdered anywhere else?

4. Who is a senior security and ballistics expert among Bobi Wine’s team who would prevent this attack if it was destined to happen since they have now issued it for the second time?

“In any case, it is in the interest of security that Bobi Wine is protected,” a security source says.

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