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Festive season: 4649 arrested, charged with various offences

By Davis Mugabi

By 2nd January, 2024 at 8am, a total of 4,649 suspects were in custody charged with various offences.

The suspects in custody had been received from 27 regions.

Out the total number of suspects arrested, 4,039 are Male Adults, 242 Female Adults, 68 Male Juveniles, 03 Female Juveniles and 297 suspects are not specified.

In the period under review, a total of 55 Incidents/Reportable offences were reported to police, resulting the death of 31 persons, arrest of 27 suspects and 17 victims got injured.

In 2023, Rwenzori West registered the highest number of cases with 07 cases followed by North Kyoga and Aswa West regions with 05 cases.

Out of the 31 lives lost, 05 victims were lynched on suspicion of theft, 06 were hacked/stabbed to death, 04 committed Suicide, 02 were suspected to have been poisoned to death, 03 perished in fire outbreak, 02 were hit using a blunt object, 02 died as a result of aggravated domestic violence, 02 drowned, 02 died due to rash and neglect acts, 01 victim was shot dead, 01 strangled and 01 victim was strangled to death.

The period of New Year 2024 celebrations was marred with incidents of murder.

Generally, however, Police Spokesperson Fred Enanga says that the security situation within the country and along the borderline during the Christmas period was peaceful with no incidences of security breach apart from isolated incidences of criminality which were not organized in nature.

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