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Festive season: Road accidents: Pedestrians constitute 50% of deaths in 3 days

By Executive Editor


Between December 30, 2023 and January 1, 2024, the Police’s Traffic and Road Safety Directorate registered 26 deaths across the country. 

62 road users were injured. 

Traffic Police Spokesperson Michael Kananura told the media in Kampala on Tuesday that the fatalities included pedestrians, a driver and passengers on boda-boda. Out of 26 deaths, 13 were pedestrians.

Kananura advised pedestrians to wear bright clothes for visibility, walk from the right (to be able to monitor on-coming motorists) and cross from safe crossings, among others. 

The 2023 Traffic Report is not yet out.

However, in 2022, Uganda registered a 16.9 percent increase in road accidents.

According to the Annual Crime Report 2022, the country registered 20,394 cases of road accidents in 2022, compared to 17,443 registered the previous year, 2021.

Out of every 100 crashes, 22 people died, while 61 percent of all accidents were as a result of reckless driving, the police said.

To curb the accidents, the police said they had resorted to enforcement of traffic laws and regulations through targeted operations, targeting motorcycle taxis and other risk factors such as speeding and drunk driving.

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