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Gen. Muhoozi Movement Started Long Time Ago – Nuwamanya

By Nuwamanya Isaac N

Greetings guys!, i hope you are having a sober weekend. I remind you not to drink and drive, live is precious.

We have had a busy week, especially filled with jokes from the former Land Forces Commander Lt Gen Muhoozi Kainerugaba who is now a Full 4-Stars General of the UPDF.

When He jokingly said that Him and His Army can Capture Nairobi within just 2 weeks, some people thought that He meant that UPDF could Capture Nairobi. No, That is not what He meant, Muhoozi Army is a group of Millions of Ugandans who support Gen Muhoozi Kainerugaba for Presidency 2026, and this Civilian Army has been on for very many Years.

An Example is when they started serious campaigns in Rwampara, Gen MK was an invited guest but He sent a Representative. Let me Remind You about His Message .

” Gen Muhoozi Kainerugaba’s message to Youths at Rwampara Youth Celebrations:


1.      Am Col Anatoli Nuwagyira director of Political Education Land Forces, passing / representing the Commander of Land Forces Gen Muhoozi Kainerugaba

2.      The General brings warm greetings and best wishes to the youth celebrations.

3.      Also Appreciation goes to the organizers of this eventful function which raises the significance of the young population in our road to social economic transformation

4.      Uganda has around 77% of the youth population under the age of 30years, this is an indication that you have a big role to play in transformation of this Country

5.      You are the center around which the future of this Country is anchored because of innovations and creativity if you harness your potentials positively. But all this will be possible if you have a positive mind / mindset change. Mindset change requires a deliberate effort by Leaders at all levels through words and actions, be able to to guide, sensitize and mobilize the youths to look at the common good and overcome the challenges that inhibit positive transformation. These challenges may include disunity, obscurantism, diseases, terrorism, neo-colonialism, imperialism, to mention but a few.

6.      If your hunger, energy, determination and motivation is well oriented towards making this country better, Uganda will be unstoppable. therefore, it is a challenge to the youths, that a better Country begins with you. You need to learn from example of our current President who in his youth in 1960s started mobilizing the Peasants in his home district Nyabushozi to embrace modern methods of farming. If you can’t mobilize the community, at least start by mobilizing your individual selves at least.

7.      The biggest role of Man Kind is to Survive, Transform his life and his society. Man has been a change agent right from early stone age to the Present. Our forefathers played their role with their means to transform the society to the point where the next generation picks. We should be asking ourselves as youths; How do we pick from there & what point shall we leave this society or Country to the next generation? Progressive humanity looks at solutions to the problems of society and not being part of the problem.

8.      As Youths, you need to understand that the world is at rapid pace of Science and Technology and if we don’t use science and technology positively, it will lead us to self-destruction, examples with cases in social media where most of us use it to propagate negativity other than mobilizing for betterment of our lives and society. The owner of whatsapp and facebook are ever earning money irrespective of messages. Therefore, we should use Technology positively to transform society and guarantee our survival as Ugandans, East Africans and Africans, otherwise we shall be conquered again. In addition, HE YKM the president has always reiterated that we need regional unity, African unity to guarantee our survival thus regional integration and Pan Africanism. We cannot tear ourselves apart and we expect to survive amidst dominant powers that are interested in our resources.

9.      The President has always guided on the need for security and stability If we are to continue on the road to social economic transformation, therefore, this time where we are amidst terrorism and crimes, you are urged to be vigilant and help the security forces to fight those terrorists and make Uganda a better country to live in, invest in & grow in.

10.  Embrace government programs and use them to make your lives better.

11.  As UPDF, we usually share these values and our Country’s aspirations for the better future through ideological orientation programs, If Youths are organized, we can always spare time & share with you for our Country’s future. Likewise, our honorable leaders can organize youths through various programs where we can share with you a lot. Thank you very much and God Bless you! “.

The above is the message of Development that was delivered on His behalf.

Gen Muhoozi Kainerugaba remains a key person in shaping Uganda’s development with Key interest in Youths especially those affected by Un employment rates in the Country.

Trust me, Gen Muhoozi Kainerugaba is our best choice come 2026, let us rally behind him and support him.

The writer is a Farmer at Kaine Friends Associates Ltd.

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