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Go back and teach, Museveni tells leaders of striking teachers in Monday meeting

By Davis Mugabi

President Yoweri Museveni has advised striking teachers through their leaders to go back to class and teach.

This afternoon, the President together with Education Minister Janet Kataha Museveni met with leaders of the Uganda National Teacher’s Union (UNATU) in their regional clusters at Kololo Ceremonial Grounds.

The President assured them that while government acknowledges the issues raised by the Arts teachers, he is also aware of salary issues from other workers; the army, Police officers, etc who are equally important to the growth and development of this country. 

According to the President, “We have provided a position as government and pledged to competitively remunerate workers guided by a science-led strategy.”

However, he explained that this does not mean “we have forgotten others, but we are choosing to prioritise the few and others can come later.”

“We must finish one problem at a time,” the President said.

The Arts teachers insist that government should use the available resources to improve salaries across the board but according to Museveni, “whilst this is possible, it does not solve the salary issue.”

“It is okumemerera (sprinkling), where everyone will get a little and then next year everyone strikes,” Mueveni explained.

“We have a strategy and no one should disrupt us. We are aware of the issues and we are committed to handling them. Therefore, my advice to the teachers is that they should go back and teach,” Museveni said.

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