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Hadijah Uzeiye: Plot To Assassinate Museveni’s Trusted Aide Leaks

By Executive Editor

A plot to assassinate the Head, Office of the National Chairman – ONC – Hadijah Uzeiye – has emerged.

This, as Uzeiye, battles ONC Spokesperson, Ibrahim Kitatta. Kitatta is also the LCV Chairperson, Lwengo district.

Well-placed sources say Uzeiye accuses Kitatta of attempting to change her security detail without her knowledge.

”God fights my battles. You wanted to overthrow me by changing my security but i got to know,” Uzeiye openly told Kitatta in an exchange on NRM Buganda Region WhatsApp Group.

Uzeiye is also disappointed in Kitatta that a man she brought on board to work with has turned against her.

In that same WhatsApp Group, Kitatta declined to respond to Uzeiye, appealing to his allies to keep quiet lest they are ”fought”

”Colleagues, don’t defend me publicly. You will be targeted. Just read and move on,” he appealed to his associates.

This is a developing story..

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