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Have village register, profile everyone – ACP Muleterwa tells local leaders

By Marvin Ocol

The Head of Community Policing Department, Uganda Police Force, ACP Anatoli Muleterwa, has urged local council leaders to possess village register for profiling all residents in the area.

ACP Muleterwa was on Monday speaking to local council leaders of Kitgum and Gulu.

“We are here to reawaken the local leaders to play and know their roles. We encourage you to have village registers to profile everyone within your villages, conduct regular meetings, carry out impromptu night inspections together with police and partner with the police for easy information sharing that will enable apprehend criminals faster,” he said.

Local council leaders listen to ACP Muleterwa

He says that the community policing strategy in the North Kyoga and Aswa Regions is to remind the local authorities on their cardinal roles and responsibilities in the fight against crime.

“We have realized that most cases that should have been solved at local council level end up at police, causing case backlogs,” ACP Muleterwa said.

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