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How former workmate inspired Joy Turyamuhawe into cleaning and fumigation services

By An Executive Editor

Three years ago, Joy Turyamuhawe took her first and bold step, and founded Cjay Home Solutions, a cleaning and fumigation Services Company.  

Today, she employs both male and female University students. Save for non-paying clients and start-ups not being able to get well-paying contracts given the demands relating to full business formalization, Turyamuhawe is hopeful of expanding the services to major towns across the country in future.

Joy Turyamuhawe


Kampala Gazette: Tell me about the inspiration, going into fumigation & cleaning services. What inspired you, or did someone inspire you into it?

Joy Turyamuhawe: I was inspired my former work make who used to clean our office to take care of her family. I used to help her clean sometimes so I learned a thing or two from her.

Kampala Gazette: When was this and how was it like starting up? I imagine you were alone, but probably you are a whole team now.. 

Joy Turyamuhawe: February 2019 was the beginning of this beautiful journey. I started alone by started recruiting fellow university students along the way.


Kampala Gazette: How did you get your first client, how much did they pay (if you may recall). Was it from social media, someone connected you? Where do your clients come from?

Joy Turyamuhawe: I got my first clinet from Twitter and they paid 30,000ugx. Majority of my clients are still from Twitter and others from referrals and good recommendations.

The difference Cjay Homes Solution makes: Before and After.

Kampala Gazette: Young people choose to keep hunting for office jobs even when they (jobs) seem fewer than the seekers. You are here, on your hustle. What do you tell the young people?

Joy Turyamuhawe: It is okay to want to have a white collar job but when things are not working out for you in the formal industry, try out other sources of income and entrepreneurship Instead of being home doing nothing.


Kampala Gazette: Most businesses or ideas in Uganda don’t last (barely see 1st or second birthday), what are you doing different? 

Joy Turyamuhawe: You have to be consistent even when times get hard. Every business has its ups and downs.

Joy Turyamuhawe at work.


Kampala Gazette: Where do you want to see your hustle in a few years? 

Joy Turyamuhawe: Expansion to every district in Uganda is our goal now.

Kampala Gazette: What’s the biggest challenge for start-ups?

Joy Turyamuhawe: Young startups never seem to have enough qualifications, paper work, a good bank statement or years of experience to get well paying contracts. Really makes breaking even or growing hard. None paying customers are also a serious issue.

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