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How it happened: Pallisa Reverend arrested for sodomizing his mechanic

By Executive Editor

Exclusive: Pallisa Police Station is holding Rev. Noah Mubezi Wambalo over a case of unnatural offenses Vide CRB:467/2023.

Rev. Wambalo is accused of sodomizing his 23-year-old mechanic (name withheld for professional reasons).

It’s alleged that the victim received a phone call on the night of August 7, 2023, at around 0100 a.m. from Rev. Wambalo, asking him (the victim) to go to his place of residence at Morukokume ward, Agule Town Council in Pallisa District within St. Peter’s Anglican Church Quarters.

That he (the accused) wanted to offer the victim something that the victim didn’t know.

The victim immediately responded to the reverend’s call since he knew him as his best customer, with whom he always repaired his motorcycle.

The victim was directed by the accused up to his house using the security lights, which were switched off by the accused upon the victim’s arrival as he welcomed him into the house where he (the accused) was staying alone. The accused asked the victim whether he could be served a meal, and he offered him a cup of black tea and rice mixed with chapati, which the victim consumed. However, before he could finish the meal, he blacked out.

Shortly, the accused held the victim by his right hand and took him into a ‘special room’ with two (02) mattresses, one (01) lying on a wooden bed covered with a mosquito net (white in color), and another leaning on the wall. The accused then instructed the victim to take a shower, which the victim refused, claiming that he had already taken a shower. The accused instructed the victim to remove his clothes and have a rest with him on the same bed as he massaged the victim around his chest before grabbing him by the waist. The victim accepted removing his clothes but wondered what was going to happen as he was psychologically tortured. The accused instructed the victim never to tell anyone about what might happen to him. The victim then convinced the accused that he wanted to take a shower since he was feeling hot and was looking for a way to escape from him. His phone had been taken from him.

Eventually, the victim managed to run away, leaving his clothes, shoes, and mobile phones behind.

A source tells the Kampala Gazette that the scene of the crime was processed, examined, documented, and exhibits recovered.

Suspect in custody as inquiries continue, the source said.

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