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How Police can raise finances to build 10, 000 Police Units per year

By Joel Aita Jaffer

Ministry of Works Estimates 2,500,000 vehicles are registered in Uganda and on average 2m vehicles move on various Uganda roads per day.
The Police needs 340b to construct 10,000 police units per year.
Assume Uganda Police comes with a Policy whereby a police officer who charges a traffic offender will take 50% of the charge and remit 50% to the police housing account with instant tickets. This will ensure the officer becomes more than willing to charge a traffic offender.
Out of the 2m cars on the road per day, let’s assume at least 20,000 cars are charged per day. That will be only 1% of the total cars and an average charge of 100,000 UGX. The officer will take 50,000 and remit 50,000 to the Police housing account.
That will bring 1 billion to the housing account per day, 30billion per month, 360 billion per year. By end of 6 years, all our Police officers will be housed in descend accommodation.

Joel Aita is the Chairman:

  1. Joadah Consult Ltd
  2. Development Infrastructure Ltd
  3. Arua Hill Sports Club
  4. Muni University Council
  5. Joadah Design Institute

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