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I have known Gen. Muhoozi for a long time, Our first interaction started with a quarrel – Mao

By Executive Editor

Justice and Constitutional Affairs Minister and Democratic Party (DP) President General, Norbert Mao, has said he has not just met Presidential Advisor on Special Operations, Gen. Muhoozi Kainerugaba.

In an exclusive interview with the New Vision recently, Mao said he has known the four-star General for a long time.

“I have known Gen. Muhoozi for a long time. Our first interaction started with a quarrel,” Mao said. “When he led the attack on Joseph Kony in Garamba Forest in the DR Congo, they came back and displayed a guitar to the press. So, I made a scoffing remark, telling them, ‘Did you attack a musical band?’ How can an army sent to attack a rebel group come back with a guitar? My statement, of course, rubbed him the wrong way and he contacted me and we met. He was very upset, and he told me that I should be aware of how many lives they have lost fighting the many rebel groups. He told me that my statement was reckless and not worthy of a serious political leader. But, I also told him that my father was a soldier, my two brothers are soldiers and my son is soon joining the army. So, I told him not to tell me about sacrifices. One of my brothers has a hearing impairment due to artillery gunfire impacts when he served in Somalia. I told him that my criticism should be understood. My intention was to express my high expectations of the army. I also told him that my statement did not mean that I am not grateful for the sacrifice, but reserve the right to ask the army to do better. I invited him to Gulu as my guest. and for three days, we moved around the region and I introduced him to various groups in the villages. From that moment, we became brothers because we understood each other.”

According to Mao, it was not shocking to join Muhoozi for his 48th birthday celebrations in Kigali, Rwanda.

“Understanding is different from agreement. Understanding means that you are clear on what you agreed on and disagreed on,” Mao added.

Like any other Ugandan, Mao notes that Gen. Muhoozi is right to have ambitions.

“He is an intelligent military officer. He contributed immensely to building the core of the Special Forces Command, and he played a big role in attracting the young intelligentsia to join the military,” he added.

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