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I will jealously guard my seat as Speaker of Parliament, Anita Among

Speaker Anita Among has vowed to jealously guard her seat as Speaker of Parliament, saying she worked hard as a house girl, local brew seller, and cleaner at Centenary Bank after running away from home following rejection by her father, who wanted to force her into childhood marriage like he did to her older sisters.

The Speaker made the remarks during the launch of the Uganda Parliamentary Forum to End Child Marriage and Teenage Pregnancy, where she rejected the call for the use of contraceptives among teenagers, saying despite the poverty, the girls should know what they want in life and delay having children.

“He only accepted that I was his kid now that I was working. So I educated myself from primary to university. I paid my fees from S. 6 and went to Centenary Bank to look for a job. I said there is no man who will lie to me and let me give you money. I went and became a cleaner at Centenary Bank; we were just on vacation, but I had to prove myself that I could work, and because of the hard work and commitment that I had, I was made a cashier,” said Among. “

“As I told you, I will keep this seat jealously because I worked for it. I refused to become a teenage mother. So I am going to be in this seat, so you better guard this seat, other than this business of saying I want a kid, no, those kids are a problem, you will get them later.”

Parliament, whose Speaker is Among has recently come underfire over allegations of corruption. Three Members of Parliament have been arrested in that regard. There are now suggestions that Among’s deputy, Thomas Tayebwa, could be the next Speaker of Parliament.

Credit: Parliament Watch

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