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Ian Gumisiriza: Uganda is where it is today because of the example of Cuba

By Executive Editor


The Founder of Think Tank Cuba Solidarity, Ian Gumisiriza, has said that Uganda is where it is today because of the example of Cuba. In May 2024, diplomatic relations between Cuba and Uganda will mark 50 years. Activities leading to these celebrations were launched last Saturday at the Uganda Christian University (UCU) in Mukono. Cube Vice President, Salvador Valdés Mesa, was the Chief Guest. Salvador Valdés Mesa also closed the National Meeting of Solidarity with Cuba. The meeting was convened to bring together Ugandan personalities, institutions and organizations linked with the Movement for Solidarity with Cuba, with emphasis on the participation of Ugandan youth.
During the gathering, personalities, institutions and linked organizations with the Embassy and the Movement for Solidarity with Cuba, were recognized for their role in strengthening the Cuba-Uganda relations. Gumisiriza, too, was recognized.

In an exclusive interview with the Kampala Gazette, Gumisiriza said:

First, the recognition is good feedback. It shows that the Cuban government appreciates our efforts, and that strengthens our resolve.

He added: Uganda is where it is today because of the example of Cuba. 

Gumisiriza eplained that the NRA/M story is a replica of the 27th July Movement. 

“The choice strategy to use (Guerilla warfare) was adopted from the Cuban revolution book, the training in Montepez of NRA combantants under the Cubans and of course the continous engagement after Liberation that led to the creation of Mbarara University of Science and Technology speaks to the Cuban approach of (We shall not only give you fish for the meantime, we shall also teach you how to fish). Almost 80% of the staff at NDA were trained by Cuban professors at MUST. Even our own PS of Ministry of Health, Dr. Diana Atwiine. Cuba continues to inspire by example that you don’t have to give only when you have surplus, but you share the little you have with those in need,” said Gumisiriza. “I am excited about further strengthening of the diplomatic relations, starting with the re-opening of the Ugandan Embassy in Cuba.”

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