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I’m not a stranger in Police – New Chief Of Joint Staff Maj. Gen. Kandiho

By Marvin Ocol

The new Police Chief of Joint Staff Maj. Gen. Abel Kandiho has said that he is not new in Police.

While addressing the Police Advisory Committee (PAC) last week, Kandiho said he was the first commandant of Olilim Police Training School. Olilim is a training base for Counter Terrorism officers. It is located in the eastern district of Katakwi.

Against the above background,Kandiho said he had no doubts, as a team they will foster and deepen the relationship between the police and the communities they serve.

PAC was chaired by the Inspector General of Police Martins Okoth Ochola who graced the hand over ceremony and acknowledgement of instruments to the incoming DIGP, Major Gen. Tumusiime Katsigazi and the CJS Major Gen. Kandiho.

He also bid farewell to the outgoing CJS, AIGP Jackson Bakasumba, in a ceremony that took place at Police Headquarters, Naguru. 

In his remarks, he thanked H.E. The President and Commander in Chief, for the additional appointments which have promoted the continued synergy between the UPDF and the UPF.

The IGP thanked the officers and called upon them to share their diverse experiences in the implementation of the vision of the force. He further briefed them about the achievements, opportunities, reforms and challenges facing the institution. Some of the challenges included; logistical and welfare challenges of housing, feeding, education, pressing public safety threats like terrorism, gang and community violence, limited funding and Police misconduct among others. As a result, they jointly had a monumental task of deepening the UPF partnership with other stakeholders including the community, filling funding gaps, increased use of technology, best practices, profiling of criminals and the enforcement of force discipline, to mention buy a few.

The incoming DIGP thanked H.E. The President for the appointment and for allowing him pursue his passion and honor of serving our citizens, through the Police. He also thanked the IGP and members of the Police Advisory Committee, for welcoming him and pledged to continue carrying forward the work of the office of DIGP, with the much respect, compassion and transparency that comes with it.

The IGP and all PAC members expressed deep appreciation and profound thanks to the outgoing CJS, AIGP Jackson Bakasumba, for the outstanding legacy left behind through his extraordinary and distinguished delivery of service to the UPF and the public at large. 

In his remarks, the outgoing CJS thanked H.E. The President, for his appointment and the opportunity to work with the UPF. He also thanked the IGP and all PAC members for the level of cooperation and support they accorded him. It was such a honor. He also welcomed the new team and wished them well in their tour of duty. He received an Award of Excellence from the IGP. 

The ceremony was concluded with a vote of thanks from the Chief Political Commissar, who described the outgoing CJS as a good mobilizer, coordinator, mentor, advisor, team leader and team player. He quoted the Bible verse in Genesis: 24:40 which says. ”

The Lord, before whom I have walked faithfully, will send his angel with you and make your journey a success..”.

The function was concluded with a photo session and farewell party.

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