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Imani Technologies unveils new smart business cards to ease information sharing and connection

Imani Technologies has today launched a new and exciting digital product dubbed “Imani Smart Card”, a virtual business card to help businesses, corporates, and individuals easily share information, manage their social and professional connections, and enable their data-sharing experience. 

This was launched during the Omweso-Tubayo market day event at MoTIV where creatives, tech-preneurs and SME businesses had the opportunity to display and showcase their products to customers and the general public.

The rise of the digital business card market has been hastened by the smartphone evolution and its popularity among millennials. According to a report by Market Research Future (MRSF) quoted by GlobeNewswire, the digital business card market will touch USD $242 million at an 11.2% Compound Annual Growth Rate by 2027.   

Speaking during the unveiling, Ivan Sewajje Founder Imani Technologies said, “The concept of Imani Smart Card originated during the Covid-19 pandemic, with the urgent need to create intelligent contactless networking solutions for businesses and individuals to experience a new way of sharing social contacts, building customers data-base and connecting with relevant networks and like-minded people with just one tap. This process has the ability to contribute to market growth through the products convenience” 

The multiple benefits that come with the card including customized options, editable, contactless, affordable, eco-friendly, convenience, and others, and the flexibility to update changes like details, addresses, contacts, and other modifications along with notifications and keeping in touch with established collaborators has the opportunity to add to market growth.

“We aim to revolutionize the networking culture in Uganda. Our digital business cards are environmentally friendly, more interactive, cost effective and sustainable compared to paper-made cards that have been used since the 17th century. Imani Smart Cards are NFC-enabled and compatible with all IOS and Android smartphones. They can be customized to fit your brand, style, business, and an organization’s system. Also, they can be used to share information with anyone at anyone given time seamlessly” Sewajje added.

According to Ivy Kayitesi, Head of Customer Relations, we have segmented Imani Smart Cards into three digital products tailored to meet the needs of our customers. “ImaniConnect, our flagship card that allows the user to share information using Near-Field Communication (NFC) technology or customized QR code for those without NFC to make network connections. The card also allows customers to control and modify their accounts to suit their needs.”  

“The ImaniAdapt card is more customized for customers, and organizations to own the cards based on their brand name, logos, and colors. This is intended to give them the opportunity to stand out and make the first impression when pitching, selling and getting the attention needed. And finally the ImaniBlend card, our premium product, which has been modified to serve as both customer identity card and smart business card” Kayitesi added.

Annually, over 100 billion business cards are produced worldwide and 88% get tossed within a week. “Our goal at Imani Technologies is to produce eco-friendly products that contribute to the reduction of carbon emission to offer a more reliable, secure, long-lasting, and environmentally friendly solution. It’s also contact-free, easy to update and enables customers to automatically digitize their information” Kayitesi emphasized. 

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