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Inside AIGP Magambo’s CID master plan

By Executive Editor

About two weeks ago, this publication looked into AIGP Tom Magambo’s one year and three months at the helm of the Criminal Investigations Directorate. AIGP Magambo’s appointment was made public on January 25, 2022 in a statement issued by then acting army/defence ministry Spokesperson, Lt. Col. Ronald Kakurungu. The appointment brought to an end AIGP Grace Akullo’s 10-year tenure in Kibuli.   

Our analysis, however, indicates that AIGP Magambo is not at the apex of the CID leadership just for the sake of it. AIGP Magmabo, also a PhD holder (according to an article first published in the New Vision last year), is here for a grand transformation, both internally but also externally (how the CID is viewed by the public).

Here is why

Decongesting the Directorate

For security reasons, we shall not reveal actual numbers. However, since his appointment about 15 months ago, AIGP Magambo has ensured that any detective without work to do at the headquarters was sent to the districts and regions. Deep-throat sources say that AIGP Magambo believes that the people in need of the service of the CID are in the districts and regions. This meant that the number of staff at the CID headquarters reduced to what is actually needed and admirable.

Welfare of personnel

In our last article, we said here how AIGP Magambo has revived the plain cloth allowance for detectives. This money helps officers to shop for plainclothes which they put on during the course of the field work. Previously, this money was not being given out.

On top of plain cloth allowances, staff at the CID headquarters are getting free meals (breakfast and lunch). These are served at a newly built well-furnished modern kitchen. Behind the kitchen is a compound where officers rest (a bit) after a heavy/delicious lunch or breakfast. This arrangement was not there before.

Third, AIGP Magambo has ensured that the CID has an up-to-date boardroom. The boardroom acts as a space for strategic meetings, presentations and hosting CID’s VIP guests. The new boardroom was not there before.

Fourth, (which may be under looked yet very important) are the washrooms (for both gents and ladies). These have been constructed and remain disturbingly spotless clean.


So far, even when some things are just being set up, the CID headquarters look organized. The parking area for visitors and the staff points to a sense of organization. All officers have space allocated for them to park, like in any other respectable organization.

New Units

Now, to ensure that all is in check that anyone can be attended to without having to “wait for the Director”, some units have been created. These are Complaints handling, Legal,and Inspection.

Previously, literally everything would first go to the Director and then scaled down to the right offices. However, with these new units, a matter reaches the CID Director when it is necessary. These will leave the Director with offering leadership and guidance.  

New buildings

New buildings can be seen mushrooming from the CID headquarters. Forget the old buildings the CID had. There are also renovation works on-going, while some walls are being broken to give way for creation of 21st century office spaces. Again, for security seasons, we shall not reveal the new sitting arrangement (especially who will sit where). However, the Kampala Gazette understands that the sitting arrangement will make supervision and operation easy. Also being constructed is a VIP-like waiting area for clients.

“It will be comfortable but the plan is to have our guests attended to within the first 10 minutes so as to save their time,” a source says.


A source speaking on the position of knowledge says that plans are underway to pave compounds of the CID. A well-placed source says this will be done in partnership with the Uganda National Roads Authority – UNRA. Works are starting very soon, a source assures the Kampala Gazette.

Other plans include: Fencing off the CID headquarters for the security of both the staff and the visitors. A source tells the Kampala Gazette that the CID is waiting for UNRA to give the Directorate coordinates to pave the way for fencing.

Archiving of records

“This is one of the areas that is giving the Director sleepless nights. He wants to sit in his office in Kibuli but be able to track cases in Moroto on his laptop or phone to ascertain the status of investigation. That is where Afande is going to put all his energy after these running projects,” says a source at the CID. Currently, to retrieve records, it has to be done manually. This is tiresome and takes a lot of time. It is also different to find out the status of cases.

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