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Is Pr. Bugingo a State Agent?

By Davis Mugabi

The January 2, 2024 incident in which city pastor, Aloysius Bugingo was ‘attacked’ by ‘unknown’ people has triggered the question of: Is Bugingo a State Agent?

In the attack, an officer attached to the Special Forces Command (SFC) was murdered. The SFC is an elite force charged with protecting the President.

However, here, Richard Muhumuza was guarding Bugingo.

“Special Forces! In countries like Russia, the US, the UK, Special Forces are highly trained & specialized for strategic missions. They also cost a lot to train & maintain. In Uganda, they are guarding a pastor! Of what strategic value, is a  pastor to the state of Uganda?” said Duncan Abigaba. Abigaba is the former Deputy Director, Government Citizen Information Centre (GCIC). 

His insight attracted a response. 

“1st, May the Soul of Departed Soldier REST IN PEACE! Now on your question why SFC should be guarding a Pastor; are you  perhaps asking the wrong question?” wondered Gen. Rtd David Sejusa. Sejusa is the former Head of Uganda’s Military Intelligence. 

“Should instead ask:”Who is Bugingo?”Bse the law allows one to be both a Pastor&Intelligence officer,or a commader. So who is Bugingo?” he added.

The questions regarding the incident aside, the vehicle in which Bugingo and Muhumuza were traveling in has been towed to the headquarters of the Criminal Investigations Directorate (CID), as opposed to the Directorate of Forensic Science based in Naguru. The CID is headed by a senior military officer.

The army says that the incident is under probe. 

However, the question remains: Who is Bugingo?

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