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Kabarole: Man arrested for impersonating Special Forces Command (SFC) Captain

By Marvin Ocol

A man in the western district of Kabarole has been arrested for impersonating the Special Forces Command.

The suspect has been identified as Patrick Kisembo.

It’s alleged that on several occasions, the suspect joined security forces to conduct operations while masquerading as a Uganda Peoples’ Defense Forces officer at the rank of a Captain, until yesterday when the District Police Commander (Fort Portal) decided to find out his identity.

This was during a joint meeting with the District Internal Security Organization.

It is here that the suspect was summoned for interview.

During the interview, the suspect openly informed the meeting that he has never been a UPDF Captain nor undergone any security training but told the meeting that he has been doing it for his own ‘survival’.

He alleged that he is attached to SFC as an informant. However, he had no documentation to prove his allegation.

A search at a guesthouse he was residing at led to 01 pair of UPDF boots, 01 military (SFC) jacket, 01 round military (SFC) hat, 01 camouflage cap resembling that of UPDF, 01 HD 1080P camera, 03 envelopes containing academic documents of 0′ level & A’ level, Certificates of Practice for Nurses of different people, 01 outpatient medical form (HMIS) in the names of Capt. Patrick Kisembo and Cash Shs 1.6 million.
The suspect is alleged to have stayed at Mofort Guest House for about one month, while paying Shs 30,000 per day.

The suspect allegedly has a family in Kitumba, a few kilometers from the Guest House which raised further questions about his motive.

Apart from impersonation and being in possession of government stores Vide FTP CRB 056/2022, the suspect was also charged with obtaining money under false pretense Vide FTP SD 60/10/01/2022 where he conned some church members pretending to give them UPDF jobs.

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