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Kassanda: 10 so far dead after exhuming body of Ebola victim

Uganda’s confirmed Ebola cases stand at 141. Of these, 55 have died while 73 have recovered and 13 are admitted at the Ebola Treatment Units.

While addressing the nation Tuesday evening, President Yoweri Museveni said that while while progress has been made in Mubende district, this is not true for Kasanda district.

During the first 21 days of restriction of movement, the President says there was an explosion of over 41 cases within 5 days and 10 deaths arising out of exhuming a dead Ebola body. The family reportedly of the Muslim faith exhumed the body earlier buried by the health team so that they could bury the body of their relative in a Muslim way. So far, 10 have died of Ebola.

The President notes that efforts to contain the spread of Ebola is paying off.

“Our efforts are beginning to pay off as we have seen a decline in in the number of cases in Mubende. For example, for 18 days, we did not get a case until yesterday when we got one case. I want to thank the people of Mubende for their determination to end this epidemic,” the President says.

in Kassanda, the President says that the cases have now reduced during the second 21 days restriction to 1-2 cases per day.

“Progress in Kasanda has been slow because of lack of cooperation among some district political leaders, poor adherence to the Standard Operating Procedures,” he noted.

To address these risks in Mubende and Kasanda, the President has directed that:

1. Ministry of Health and Local Government leaders should intensify sensitization of the boda bodas so that they understand the dangers of exporting Ebola through the refugee camp.

2. I once again repeat that all traditional healers & witch doctors are prohibited from carrying out their activities during this Ebola outbreak.

3. All boda boda MUST stop the practice of passenger relay system immediately. Should they continue, I will stop their movement.

4. All trucks carrying logs are prohibited from movement into and out of Mubende and Kasanda districts with immediate effect until the end of the 21 days.

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