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Kira Road Property: Gen Otafiire orders arrest of Anti-Corruption Unit Operatives

Maj Gen Rtd Kahinda Otafire has ordered for the arrest of State House Anti Corruption operatives who, last night, broke into a private property and arrested the legally deployed private guards.

Minister Otafire, who was fuming with the deputy IGP Maj Gen Geoffrey Tumusiime-Katsigazi wondered how he (Katsigazi) could “allow such embarrassing incidents to happen when he’s looking.”

Previously, Gen. Otafiire gave over five orders to the former IGP and his deputy to follow the law and put in order the court directives on a property comprised on LRV 1837 polio 11 Plot 106 old kira road. There’s a permanent injunction issued by the high court, which all security authorities must obey.

Last week police director legal wrote a letter to the commandant Kampala metropolitan ordering him to make sure private guards are deployed on that property and the owner should start developing it. This property legally belongs to Yusuf semakula. Director KMP followed up the directives from his superior, but surprisingly, yesterday, the anti corruption unit invaded the property and arrested all guards at the site. 

This impunity has left many wondering how they can do such a horrible thing. An emergency meeting has been called to sit at police headquarters in Naguru to pave away forward. 

This property split former IGP and his Deputy as officers’ feared to implement lawful orders.

The former Inspector General of Police (IGP) Martins Okoth Ochola and his deputy, Maj. Gen. Tumusiime-Katsigazi were not in good terms over a property at Kira Road in Kampala.

The said property is comprised in LRV 1837 Folio 11 Plot 106 Old Kira Road.

Sources say that while the former IGP insisted on lawful orders, his deputy was quietly emphasizing unlawful orders.

In December 2023, the Deputy Inspector General of Police (DIGP) Maj. Gen. Geoffrey Tumusiime-Katsigazi defied lawful orders and directives of the Internal Affairs Minister, Maj. Gen. Rtd. Kahinda Otafiire. Otafiire is Katsigazi’s boss. The Police, whose leadership Katsigazi forms, falls directly under Internal Affairs. However, Katsigazi defied Otafiire over property comprised LRV 1837 Folio 11 Plot 106 Old Kira Road.

“If the question of ownership and possession was settled, as per the response from your Office ADM/36/181/01 Vol. 145, and the Area DPC and O/C Station, directed to immediately implement the same to avoid unnecessary complaints, why have the said Officers neglected to comply with lawful orders?” Gen. Otafiire wrote to Katsigazi on December 22, 2023.

“You are, therefore, to follow up and take action against other officers mentioned to be interfering with the guidance and instructions earlier issued,” wrote AIGP Nuwagira in a letter dated February 5, 2024. He ordered the Commandant, Kampala Metropolitan Police (KMP) Commander, to work in respect of the law, public peace, and order. 


Meanwhile, the disagreement between the IGP and his deputy has put officers in fear.

This follows the sacking of the Division Police Commander (DPC) Kira Road, a one Kinyera Boniface.

The DPC was fired on January 6, 2024, vide HRM 131/133/08, after he neglected to implement lawful orders. A source says that the Deputy IGP & David Muhoozi are fond of giving verbal directives, which can not be substantiated when the IGP questions the matters. As such, the officers are now in fear of implementing orders, aware that they will be fired.

“There is a directive in place. Then, DIGP calls, directing otherwise, and when errors are made, he denies and even asks for proof that he gave such unlawful orders, and there is nothing to show about the parallel directive. So, we are left in between a rock and a hard place,” said a source who preferred to speak on the condition of anonymity. It is important to note that it is common knowledge that a court decree can only seize to be enforced when it’s either set aside or stayed. 

In this case, a permanent injunction and an order of vacant possession were issued by the High Court in 2020 vide HCCS NO.106 of 2011. However, the DIGP keeps asking officers to defy it for his own selfish reasons. 

The IGP’s contract expired in March. It is not clear if the President will leave Maj. Gen. Katsigazi in charge of the Police.

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