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List: The faces shaping Mak’s political environment revealed

By Francis Otucu (@OtufraJ on X)

Email: fotucu@kampalagazette.com

On March 7, 2024, Makerere University goes to the polls to pick their leaders at the different levels.

The past three weeks or so have, however, been characterized by among others activities geared towards getting votes.

As a result, some candidates appear more popular and influential than others.

In this feature, the Kampala Gazette reveals the movers and the shakers of the 2024 political situation at Makerere University.

School of Law
Innocent Ahimbisibwe
Deep throat sources at the School of Law say that the likely candidate to take the GRC position is Ahimbisibwe. The source argues that Ahimbisibwe has had mind-shaping activities strong enough to secure the seat. For instance, Ahimbisibwe provides reading materials to his supposed voters. Secondly, he also discusses topics of their interest. On top of these, he also oriented Year One students of Law.

Jackline Tumusiime
Still at the School of Law, a source says that unlike Ahimbisibwe, who has to wait for the results to be confirmed, Tumusiime appears to have sealed her seat in the guild space. 

Ruth Namutebi. For starters, Namutebi has been a class representative. This means that she has been popular enough to do little to popularize herself. However, on top of being a class representative, Namutebi is extremely beautiful, and this gives her an edge over her opponent, given that the men prefer to vote beauty to brains. Finally, she has also been a strong voice within the Makerere Education Students Association (MESA).
Coleb Gashema and Umar Bashir are hotly battling for the male GRC seat. 

At the College of Health Sciences, the battle for the female GRC is between Deborah Nabukalo and Anthea Ampaire. They all reside at Mary Stuart Hall. Above all, they are friends. However, they all want the same seat. Initially, Ampaire was convinced to run for the slot of Chairperson Mary Stuart. Nabukalo was to tassel it out for the CHS GRC seat. However, little did Nabukalo know that Ampaire was not convinced about the Mary Stuart seat. So, Ampaire declared interest in the CHS seat first. By the time Nabukalo showed interest in the same seat, all their mutual friends, were like Ampaire, already showed interest and asked for our support. This left Nabukalo more of a selfish person in the eyes of their mutual friends. So, this makes CHS GRC race one to look out for. 

Saulo Mwegyesa and Jane Nakawuka are unopposed. So, largely there is nothing to write home about. 

Lian aka Mama CAES is unopposed for the slot of female GRC. At the School of Agriculture, Besiga Mukama Sitah is likely to take the slot of Chairman CAES.

Edrine Sebugenyu and Doreen Tash are unopposed.

Herman Kasija is unopposed. However, the female GRC slot has competition, although we have been told that Peace Kobusingye has an upper hand.

At the School of Social Sciences, one Ssekandi and Rodney Babala aka Big Head are sweating for the same seat. “Whoever will be declared winner in this race will not complain,” a source told us last night, emphasizing that the two are equally powerful.

School of Gender Studies
The female GRC race pits Denise Mutebi and Brenda against each other. According to our source, Mutebi’s first advantage is that she is stupidly beautiful. However, she finds herself battling a hardworking Brenda. 

In the male GRC category, a talented Atwine Muvunyi faces off with a second year Opeto. 
The difference here is that Atwine has been around much longer than his opponent. Secondly, Atwine has been at the forefront of organizing activities that aim to bring together all SLLC students. As such, Atwine is looked at as a stronger candidate. In the female GRC category, the dimpled Hellenah Nuwasiima appears to have sweetened the hearts of many, especially the senior elders. That way, she finds herself with the favor of not having a lot to explain in regards to her intention for SLLC.

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