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Mak Guild Polls: Roadmap out as EC’s Independence is put under query

By Executive Editor

The 90th Guild Elections Roadmap is out.

The roadmap was published on Thursday.

According to the Roadmap, the electoral process begins today, Friday, with a call for nominations of the 90th Guild. This particular process will end next Wednesday. The 90th Guild leadership will be elected on March 7, 2024.

While it is yet to be clarified, the polls are expected to be carried out virtually.

Kabuulwa Muzafaluh, a 4th year student of Journalism and Communication, however, questions the independence of the Commission and its competence in running the process.

Kabuulwa cites the illiteracy in technology as the reason for the incompetence.

For instance, Kabuulwa says that it is hard to audit the electoral process in case of a petition.

“By the time the Commission is voted into office, I don’t think they know, how the system works. It is hard with a system that is running online. We exepct this (system) to be run on the Independence of the Commission. When these complaints manifest, we should ask the Commission, not the Administration.”

Kabuulwa says that “ever since the changes were introduced to the system, the EC lost sense.”

Kabuulwa, a former contender in the 89th Guild race, avers that previously, the Secretary Genera “who was a student” was the one in charge of printing the ballot papers, but “as per now, we are now sure, who is in charge.”

“The EC are just witnesses. They have no administrative work, except informing us what the administration has said,” said Kabuulwa.

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