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Masindi DHO Murder: Wife claims blood traced from crime scene back to bedroom was from her menstrual cycle

By Executive Editor

The Homicide Department of CID Headquarters, in coordination with the territorial teams in Albertine Region and Masindi District, have in custody, Cherotic Betty, a 31 year old teacher and housewife, together with others, in connection with the brutal murder of Dr. Abiriga Jino, a 58 year old, District Health Officer, Masindi, on the night of 7.01.2024, at Kijura cell, central division in Masindi municipality.

The facts gathered indicate that on the 7.01.2024, the victim left his home in the morning, to attend a friend’s wedding. After the wedding his driver, dropped him at his home at around 9pm. And at around 10pm, he and his wife, Cherotic Betty, went to sleep in their double-roomed house. Their children and dependently who included; Aseru Angela aged 17 (daughter to the deceased); Cherotic Maureen, aged 14 (step daughter), Cheprotich Kenneth, aged 11 (step – son), Afakoru Jackline, aged 12, (niece), and Arinaitwe Desire, aged 8, (daughter to his family friend), also went to sleep in their separate unit. The units are enclosed in a fence.

Police Spokesman Fred Enanga confirmed the arrests. 

“It was very unfortunate, that the victim’s body was found dead, with a deep cut on the neck, multiple cuts on the head and hand, and dumped 50 metres away from his residence. An immediate search was conducted at the premises of the deceased, and suspected blood stains recovered from the walls in the bedroom and from under their marital bed,” Enanga told the media in Kampala on Monday. 

Although the wife claims that the victim was called on the phone by someone to go and carry out an operation on a patient and never returned home, Enanga says that there is no evidence yet, supporting her claim. 

“She claims, the blood stains from her bedroom, were from her menstrual cycle. We wish to inform the public, that no matter how well, a cover up is made surrounding the heinous act, we will uncover the truth,” Enanga explained. 

According to Enanha, forensic experts, recovered blood stains and other samples for forensic analysis, that will help establish, whether the victim was murdered from his house or elsewhere and the body dumped near his home.

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