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Mixed reaction as Frank Nigel Othembi’s reign as Director LDC ends

By Ivan Ssali

The reign of Frank Nigel Othembi as the Law Development Centre (LDC)’s director has come to an end after 12 years. Othembi’s tenure ended on April 30, 2024. 

Below is the reaction to Othembi’s leadership:

Tonny Tumukunde: He will be remembered for not tolerating mediocrity at LDC. 

Simon Ddembe: Fine gent. He taught me Human Rights. Always on time for his lecs. Amiable person. I have fond memories of Nigel.

Ibrahim Abdulmajid: I remember him to be a person who applied and followed the rules selectively. When the rules is support the Ldc’s side He applied it it to the letter, however, Ldc is in breach, he usually created exception, and reasons for why Ldc breached the rules.

Moses Omujugujugu: I was the V. Guild President of LDC 2019, I will remember him for taking student leadership for a mere ride!

Agather Atuhaire: A new dawn at LDC begins today. The man that presided over a system that not only killed careers but also some lives, shattered dreams of many with students marks being exchanged for money or sex or both, appointed & promoted at will without any due process (recent appointments without any interviews or anything were last week before his departure), exam malpractices through leakages or special exams to favorite students (these are mainly female), etc has finally left after 12 years!

From the comments on X, it appears Othembi did more good than bad at the LDC. 

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