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Museveni, Alupo & Nabbanja all out: Speaker Anita Among in charge

By Davis Mugabi

With President Yoweri Museveni, Vice President Jessica Alupo and Prime Minister Robinah Nabbanja all out of the Country, the 1995 Constitution of the Republic of Uganda renders the Speaker of the 11th Parliament in charge.

Museveni left Wednesday morning for St. Petersburg in Russia to attend the Russia – Africa summit (The Economic and Humanitarian Forum). Alupo is in Dar-es-Salaam,Tanzania to represent President Museveni at the Africa Heads of State Human Capital Summit, while Nabbanja is in Rome.

The Constitution warrants Speaker Among to take charge of the Country.

Article 98 says:

The President shall take precedence over all persons in Uganda, and in descending order, the
vice-President, the Speaker and the Chief Justice, shall take precedence over all other persons in

Article 100 (Notification of absence of the President from Uganda) says:

The President shall, whenever leaving Uganda, notify in writing the vice-President, the Speaker
and the Chief Justice.

Speaker Among has reportedly been invited for a private meeting with the Pope. Her travel date has not been announced. Should she be out with any of the top three being around, the CJ will have to take charge.

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