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Museveni concerned over reports of corruption, abuse of office at Anti-Corruption Unit

President Yoweri Museveni’s growing frustration with the State House Anti-Corruption Unit (SHACU), as reports of corruption and abuse of power, continue to surface in the institution. According to Sources close to the President have disclosed that he is considering taking decisive action against the leadership of SHACU, including its head, Brig Gen Henry Isoke.

Since its creation, SHACU was meant to be a weapon in the fight against corruption, a scourge that has long plagued Uganda’s government and public institutions. However, instead of upholding the law, SHACU has allegedly devolved into a mafia-like entity, engaging in extortion, illegal arrests, and other criminal activities.

President Museveni’s disappointment with SHACU’s performance came to light through a State House insider who revealed that the President is deeply troubled by the unit’s conduct. Despite several warnings and counsel from the President, SHACU operatives have continued their illicit activities unabated.

SHACU’s failure to obey court orders and its involvement in framing innocent individuals for personal gain. The recent case in Ntinda, where SHACU operatives ignored court rulings and unlawfully arrested property owners, has drawn significant attention. Even after directives from senior officials like Gen Kahinda Otafiire, SHACU operatives continued to act with impunity, disregarding the law.

The court decree by Justice Moses Kawumi issued on 17th July 2020 clearly states that Lucy Mary Orech shall within 90 days give vacant possession of the suit land to Kabogoza Mutwalibu, in addition to a permanent injunction restraining Mary Lucy Orech and all those claiming under her from trespassing on the suit property.

“It is important to note that the successors in title of the decree holder including Ssemakula Yusuf enjoy the fruits of the judgement in Civil suit No 106 of 2011 and are therefore protected by the permanent injunction until it is either set aside or stayed by a competent court of law! “

“Legal experts contacted by the media narrated that the State House Anti Corruption Unit doesn’t have the mandate to enforce Court orders, as the same is only given to the Inspector General of Police. The law is clear, and soon, the Anti State House Anti Corruption Unit is going to face legal challenges in courts of law.”

The situation has prompted the President to contemplate significant changes within SHACU’s leadership. Despite initially deploying Maj Gen Isoke to lead the unit, President Museveni is reportedly considering relieving him of his duties due to his failure to rein in the rogue elements within SHACU.

Recently, the Directorate of Public Prosecutions (DPP), led by Justice Jane Frances Abodo, stepped in to address the issue. The DPP’s office has established a special department to handle cases of fraud and economic crimes previously mishandled by SHACU. This move aims to curtail SHACU’s abuse of power and restore public trust in the justice system. This also led DPP to stop the malicious prosecution against city tycoon Yusuf Ssemakula.

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