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Museveni pauses Gen. Muhoozi’s presidential bid, occupies proponents with juicy jobs

By Our Reporters

President Yoweri Museveni has paused Gen. Muhoozi Kainerugaba’s involvement in active politics.

In a reshuffle in the army last night, the President appointed Gen. Muhoozi as the Chief of Defense Forces (CDF). He replaced Gen. Wilson Mbadi. Mbadi was appointed as the Minister of State for Trade in the Thursday Cabinet reshuffle. 

Days ago, Gen. Muhoozi was in Masaka to popularize his political bid. 

However, his appointment as the CDF makes it difficult to directly get involved in active politics. 

Section 99 of the UPDF Act states that “A serving officer or militant who desires to seek political office shall first resign or retire from the defense forces.”

Even the Political Party and Other Organization’s Act, Section 16, prohibits a member of the Uganda People’s Defense Forces, the Uganda Police, the Uganda Prisons Services, a public officer, a traditional or cultural leader, or a person employed in a company wholly owned by the government, from being a founder, promoter, or another member of a political party or organization. 

The section also bars such people from holding office in a political party or organization, speaking in public or publishing anything involving matters of a political party or organization controversy, or engaging in canvassing in support of a political party or organization or of a candidate standing for a public election sponsored by a political party or organization.

Those who contravene this section “commit an offense and are liable on conviction to a fine not exceeding twenty-four currency points or imprisonment not exceeding one year or both,” the act reads. 

Article 208(2) of the Constitution provides that UPDF shall be non-partisan, national in character, patriotic, professional, disciplined, productive, and subordinate to civilian authority as established under the constitution. 

Aber, Balam, and Nyamutoro occupied
Meanwhile, some Members of Parliament (MPs) who were the architects of the bid have been compromised and made busy.
They are Lilian Aber, Phiona Nyamutoro, and events promoter Balam Barugahare.
Aber has been appointed as Minister of State for Relief, Disaster Preparedness, and Refugees in the Office of the Prime Minister. Nyamutoro was sent to the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Development as Minister of State in Charge of Minerals. Barugahare is the new Minister of State for Children and Youth Affairs in the Ministry of Gender, Labor, and Social Development. These positions make the appointees too busy to run around with other things. 

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