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New Study: Capital FM ranks No. 1 in Central & Eastern Regions, Secures Top 3 Slots in Other Regions

By Executive Editor

BRIEF: Capital FM is an English radio broadcaster. It covers two thirds of the country and broadcasts on 91.3 in Central Uganda, 90.9 in the East and 88.7 in the West. Programmes include the Gaetano And Lucky In The Morning, The Capital Gang, The Late Date and Dance Force.

A media action report by the BBC has ranked Capital 91.3 FM as the most listened-to radio station in the Central Region as of February 2024. There are over 300 licensed radio stations and 30 free-to-air TV stations, serving an estimated population of 39 million. Radio is a more popular medium than TV, mainly due to poverty and a lack of electricity. A new study indicates that Capital FM is the most preferred radio station. This is according to the BBC’s media landscape report on Uganda to support the Red Cross in their Community Epidemic and Pandemic Preparedness Program (CP3), funded by USAID.

In 2021, BBC World Service’s nationally representative survey found that the majority of the Ugandan adult population had a working radio (87%) and mobile phone (74%) in their household. Only a third had a working TV (34%), and only 13% of the adult population had access to the internet within their household. 

Listenership figures also show that radio is the most popular medium in Uganda. People can listen to the radio at home, with their friends, relatives, or neighbors, and at work.

In the Central Region, capital FM dominated by 11%. Radio Simba and Galaxy FM came in second and third place, respectively, at number two and number three with 8% each. 

Capital FM also took the lead in the East with 19%, beating OPG and Akaboozi. Mid East, Capital came second after Etop. Capital FM also featured in the South West in third place, 10% below Radio West and Vision Radio. In South West A., Capital FM came in third, after Voice of Toro at number one and Vision Radio in second place. In the north, Capital FM came in second, 16% behind Mega FM. Rupiny FM came in third.

In the Mid-North, Voice of Lango FM took the lead by 19%. Second to them was Unity FM, while Devine FM came in 3rd with 14% and 10%, respectively, compared to Voice of Lango’s 19%. 

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