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NGO boss using Museveni’s brother’s name, Aine Sodo, wanted over fraud

By Executive Editor

Uganda Police is hunting for a man identified as Arafat Kaitire Musoke, the proprietor of Hollyne Care Uganda, an NGO that has fleeced over 4000 Ugandan returnees who have previously worked in Middle East Countries, Iraq, Afghanistan, Kawait, Saudi Arabia and among others, promising them compensation from the American Embassy.

This NGO particularly focuses on those who worked in the war ravaged countries because they are easy targets who can fall for lies that America is compensating them since they worked in those nations under U.S’ supervision.

According to the Police file obtained, Arafat works closely with an insurance firm Inspector Solution INC whose mandate is to follow and expedite the compensation process with American Embassy.

This insurance company is headed by Edson Lubowa as the country coordinator with an office at Sheraton Hotel in Kampala.

However, detectives established that Inspector Solution INC is a briefcase firm with no existing offices at Sheraton hotel.


Hollyne Care register’s frustrated returnees who asked to deposit a certain amount of money (not below shs 1 million) for registration.

After, Arafat who is on the run, would refer the returnees to Sheraton hotel to meet the Edison to process the insurance documents and thereafter lodge in a claim at the American Embassy.

Because the office doesn’t exist Edison would meet his victims in Sheraton gardens claiming that the office is full as his workers are attending to other returnees.

‘49 days of a thief’

A popular Runyakore adage says that a thief has 49 days, when they are over, next is his/her fate.

And indeed Arafat is on the run, while his accomplices were arrested by Police.

Their luck ran out when they went one of their victims John Kasasira with forged documents to Good Doctors Hospital in Kasubi.

This hospital runs under GLI Medical Centre.

When Kasasira as a patient presented doctored documents with hospital stamp seeking treatment the facility’s administrators raised concerns to their bosses at GLI medical centre who also lodged a police complaint however, the file has since been transferred to Central Police Station. The file is under CRB 105/2023.

Police detectives tracked down Kasasira who was travelling from Kamwengye to Kampala on orders of Arafat after he learned that the hospital had filed a complaint at Police.

Arafat wanted to hide Kasasira to jeopardize investigations, but detectives moved faster and arrested Kasasira from his hotel room in Wandegeya.

He revealed information which also led to the arrest of Edson Lubowa and his junior Ivan Nyombi.

After interrogation they exposed how they work for Arafat Musoke who leads the NGO. He remains at large but always online on WhatsApp platform

‘I am connected’

Contacted by this website for a comment, Arafat admitted that he is the boss of Hollyne Care and that whoever is spreading information to us (media) is a jobless and time waster.

He alleges that President Yoweri Museveni’s brother Godffrey Aine Kaguta alias Sodo is the patron of the organization.

“Our patron is Aine Godfrey Kaguta.aka sodo you can arrange and meet him. Hollyne care is aregestered entity like yours and we operate in 10 countries. Ok?” Arafat’s unedited WhatsApp text reads.

When we pressed him to organize a meeting with Sodo so as we could verify his claims, he said, “The speed is too high, What’s up, Any benefits in it may be. It looks you have Alucritive business. We don’t seem interested may be if you have any case running go to police get the IO on the file and let him come to hollyne care Uganda if we did wrong they will charge us if not then they will not waste there time any more. Bse what ever you want to do is just a wastage of time

No big deal.”

Efforts to reach Sodo for a comment were futile by press time as he couldn’t pick our repeated calls.

About Hollyne Care

When you visit the organization’s website what is the information that describes its roles:

“Hollyne Care Uganda is a non-governmental organization (NGO) dedicated to providing support and assistance to vulnerable children, elderly people, and communities in need. With a focus on advocacy, evangelism, education, and more,

Hollyne Care Uganda is committed to improving the lives of those who are most in need.

We implement activities that increase life skills among men and women, young, youthful, old, aged and above all fight deviancy and poverty through mobilization, advocacy, networking and service delivery among communities for sustained impact.”

Hollyne Care has its head office in Lunguja plot 20, Mengo Kampala.

Credit: TrumpetNews

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