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Normalize selling Condoms at the counter, Ugandans tell bar owners as nightlife resumes after 2 years

By Marvin Ocol

Yesterday, Uganda’s full economy reopened after nearly two years under lock and key.

This, given the Covid-19 pandemic which broke out in Uganda in March 2020.

A number of sectors including education, hospitality and entertainment among others had to shut down.

However, with the resumption, there are calls that proprietors of some of these businesses can do better.

@ZeeroBrain on Twitter suggests that bars need to normalize selling condoms at the counter.

This suggestion attracted a thunderous support from tweeps.

A 2012 survey showed that when sexually active, around 15% of the young Ugandans aged 15–19 years, ever used a condom. Of those aged 15–24 years who ever had sex, 28% used a condom at first sex, with a slight difference between boys (29%) and girls (27%).

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