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Nyimpini Mabunda: Ex-UBL MD tips career professionals in new book “Take Charge: Life lessons on the road to CEO”

Former Uganda Breweries Ltd (UBL) Managing Director, Nyimpini Mabunda, on Thursday night held a conversation on career acceleration telling stories and life lessons from his personal journey to top. The talk was held at the launch of his new book “Take Charge: Life lessons on the road to CEO” that took place at Humura Hotel in Kitante.

The conversation that was part of the CEO Summit apprentice Programme in partnership with UBL under their Single Malt brand: Singleton was attended by up-and-coming CEOs, industry leaders and the 2023 Cohort of the CEO summit.  Including Uganda Breweries Managing Director Andrew Kilonzo, Finance Director Eunice Waweru and the Marketing & Innovations Director Emmy Hashakimana

Guests at the event were treated to an enchanting experience enhanced by Singleton’s touch. They were warmly welcomed with custom cocktails inspired by Nyimpini’s Book, adding a unique flair to the evening. Among the delightful creations were The 256 leap a tribute to Nyimpini’s first CEO role in Uganda, The Rolle and Kintsugi representing chapters in his book.

The event shed light on the transformative power of determination and resilience in achieving career growth and acceleration. Commencing the discussion, the South African national Mabunda, who is now CEO of General Electric in Southern African, provided a glimpse into his background and childhood, enabling guests to gain a profound understanding of the person behind the accomplished CEO.

He shared his remarkable experiences, spanning from his formative years in Rolle during the apartheid-era South Africa to his pivotal role as the Managing Director at Uganda Breweries Limited and beyond.

Drawing attention to the significance of effective people management, Mabunda spoke passionately about the role of strong teams in fostering exceptional leadership. He censured the misguided belief held by some leaders that they should surround themselves with weaker individuals, fearing that talented subordinates may outshine them. On the contrary, Mabunda stressed the importance of nurturing and empowering capable individuals, as it ensures the sustainability of the organisation beyond an individual’s tenure.

Mabunda also reflected on the profound impact of mentorship and investing in others, highlighting the pivotal role played by individuals who took a chance on him and selflessly contributed to his development. He challenged the audience to ask themselves if they were paying it forward and giving back to others as they had been supported in their own journeys.

“I think many of us if we are honest, we are where we are today because someone took a bet on us, we are where we are because someone was interested enough to selflessly invest their time to develop us beyond the call of duty. Now when we get those opportunities ourselves are we giving back? are we playing it forward,” he said.

Addressing the often-overlooked aspects of failure and holistic well-being, Nyimpini Mabunda recognised their critical roles in achieving success. He emphasised the necessity of maintaining mental, emotional, and physical health, as these factors directly influence productivity and relationships within the professional sphere. In closing, he issued a resounding call to action to professionals aspiring to reach the C-suite, urging them not to shy away from taking charge of their careers.

Nyimpini also received profound recognition for his pivotal role in shaping Uganda Breweries into its current thriving state. Managing Director Andrew Kilonzo praised Nyimpini’s visionary leadership, unwavering dedication, and the enduring foundations he established during his impactful three-year tenure. These foundations continue to guide and inspire the company’s growth and success.

“Nymipini set the foundations on which we are operating today and I want to applaud him for that. because during his three-year tenure at Uganda breweries he left structures in place that we have continued to use and build on to make what Uganda breweries is today,” said Andrew

Emmy Hashakimana, the UBL marketing Director, echoed the sentiments expressed by Andrew emphasizing his remarkable expertise and accomplishments. He praised Mabunda’s visionary leadership, specifically highlighting his role in establishing the reserve portfolio.

“Nyimpini Mabunda is a man of extraordinary expertise it is truly an honour to partake in his wisdom. Through his leadership visionary leadership, he laid the foundation for our reserve portfolio which is the reason we can now savor in the delightful singleton that we are enjoying tonight, said Hashakimana

The event concluded on a celebratory note, as guests had the opportunity to have their copies of “Take Charge” personally autographed by Nyimpini Mabunda. Attendees raised their glasses in a toast to Mabunda with Singleton, one of the brands he introduced on the Ugandan market, marking the culmination of an inspiring and joyous occasion.

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