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Organ Trade: How Ugandan company owners connived, removed Nakintu’s kidney in Saudi Arabia

By Davis Mugabi

Details have emerged showing how Ugandan recruitment agency connived with their partner in Saudi Arabia to remove a migrant worker’s kidney.

Owners of the said company, Nile Treasure Gate Ltd, have since been arrested and charged with conspiracy and unlawful removal of Judith Nakintu’s kidney.

They have been identified as: Mariam Mohammad, Sulaiman Abubaker Kato, Salmah Mohammed and Ali Hassan.

The 5 were yesterday charged before Nakawa Court and remanded until 14.03.2022.

How it happened..

According to well-placed sources, the Kiwatule based Nile Treasure Gate company sent Nakintu to work in Jeddah Saudi Arabia on December 12, 2019, as a housemaid. While in Saudi Arabia, Nakintu was involved in a serious motor road accident on the new coast Road after the Al-qattan Bridge towards Al-Laith, a traffic accident in which a vehicle of Tahoe model registration number 5569 overturned. The accident hapened on 01.03.2020. The vehicle was being driven by Saad Dhafer, a Saudi Arabian national with an identity card number 1036733028. Six people who were in the vehicle. 10-year old, Latin Saad Dhafer Als-Asmari, died in the accident and death certificate number 11939632 issued on July 7, 2021.

Family escort, Saud Saad Al-Asmari, in the same accident. A death certificate number 406100059295 was issued.

The car that was involved in an accident with seven people on board

The car driver, Sad Dhafer, got serious injury and was tried under a medical report 11939628 which included superficial bruises and the recovery period of more than 10 days. Another escort Faiza Nasir Al-Shihri got injuries and her report was issued under no; 11937666 0n 6 July which included trauma to the left shoulder. Saja Saad Al-Asmari also an escort got a fracture of thoracic vertebra, first and second lumbar vertebrae and fracture of left pelvis and was treated under medical form No 10937666. Nura Saad Al-Asmari got injuries of the fracture of the la appendix of seventh cervical vertebra without any spinal cord compression, thoracic vertebrae 7-8-9-10-11-12 and was treated under 10937663.

According to sources, got multiple external bruises ,bruises of the lungs, with a simple bloody air gathering inside, liver bruises, thrombosis of the right kidney artery, pelvic fractures and pelvic bone injuries. She was also treated under medical form No 10937659.

“Later on, after a medical surgery procedure, she suffered a stroke that paralyzed her,” part of the report reads.

In April last year, Nakintu was discharged from Saudi Arabia with Shs 30 million in compensation.

However, she remained paralyzed.


Upon reaching Entebbe Airport, Nakintu was taken to Mulago National Referral Hospital for medical examination where two different scans were conducted.

According to our source,

The radiologists at Mulago did two scans. The first preliminary scan was unclear, and the company paid for the second and more comprehensive one, which indicated that the right kidney was missing.

The report from the scan was then sent to Makerere University for analysis. The outcome show that Nakintu’s kidney was removed while in hospital at King Fahad, Sauid Arabia where she was admitted for one year after the accident.

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