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Over Shs 7 million a month: I’m living large after rejecting Shs 200 million ‘dirty money’ – Rtd Officer Omala

By Davis Mugabi

Controversial retired senior police officer Sam Omala has said that he is living a good life after retiring from the Force.

In his active Police actions, Omala was active both in his words and actions.

In an interview with Urban TV this morning, Omala said he is doing well outside of public service.

“When I declared my ambitions to join politics, I wasn’t released until after nominations. However, I have no regrets. God gave me a good job. I am currently earning over Sh7 million a month. I am no longer interested in politics. I refused the Sh200 million bribe a politician had given me, saying I should shy away from the operations so they could take over government. It happened in 2012, and I even told Gen. Kale Kayihura, ‘These ones have brought money, and poverty is too much; can I eat and continue with my job? It was a sack of money. I showed these things to Gen. Kayihura, and he can bear witness. To find a police officer who rejects a Sh200 million bribe brought to him secretly will never happen in this country again,” Omala said.

According to Omala, he would rather die poor than take on dirty money.

I would rather die poor than protect my personal integrity. It is a bad thing to take a bribe because the Bible says a bribe blindfolds even the eyes of the wise. I believe in that. And I am a born-again Christian. My money I share with God. Is it corrupt that I get money from corruption and then give a tenth of it to God? Is God a thief? That’s why I even refused the Sh200 million a politician had given me,” he said.

While he says that he stayed away from being bribed, he said that taking a bribe can be intimidating.

“Among the challenges in police work is that you refuse money (bribes)  when you are not sure whether your children will go to school next week. Isn’t that a painful thing? You refuse the money that you are seeing when you don’t have decent food at home. I normally think that this (police) is work beyond salary payment,” said the newly appointed Deputy Chief Executive Officer of Arrow Security, a company founded by NRM’s Capt. Mike Mukula.

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