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Parliament under capture – MP Ssekikuubo

By Davis Mugabi

Lwemiyaga County Member of Parliament, Theodore Ssekikuubo, has said that the Parliament of Uganda is being run down.

Ssekikuubo said on Wednesday that “The Prime Minister is telling Parliament, you can’t sit. This is very strange.”

According to Ssekikuubo, Parliament has been captured.

“This is the Parliament of the Republic of Uganda; it isn’ t the branch of the Executive. It isn’t, in my long tenure here, this is strange. Where did Nabbanja get the power to counter-command Parliament? I know we don’t look good, but they shouldn’t take advantage of the vacuum where the Speaker and Deputy Speaker is in disarray,” added Ssekikuubo.

Ssekikuubo revealed that MPs received a notice from Clerk to Parliament, Adolf Mwesige, informing MPs of a plenary sitting. However, he says that the meeting was unceremoniously called off through an order from the Prime Minister, stopping the plenary sitting. Ssekikuubo described the decision as strange.

Ssekikuubo also revealed that following allegations made in public that the members of the Parliamentary Commission distributed amongst themselves funds in the name of Service Awards, some Commissioners have gone into hiding.

“Even the Commissioners themselves are in hiding. We are here, we are loitering around corridors of Parliament, we can’t see anybody. These are very disturbing issues and we are calling on the Speaker, Deputy Speaker and the Clerk to live up to their calling to restore Parliament. Parliament is being run down. We can’t now walk with our heads high on the streets of Kampala, we smuggle ourselves and bold out. It isn’t now the best time to be identified as MPs. We are all bundled up, nobody is giving answers, should we all go by roll call, not me, not me? We are all being castigated and we look bad in the eyes of the public,” said Ssekikuubo.

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