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Photos: Eng. Bonny Omara, the brain behind Uganda’s first satellite technology involved in nasty accident

By Executive Editor

Eng. Bonny Omara, 35, one of three cohorts who developed the first satellite of Uganda, has been hospitalized at an unidentified facility following a terrible accident last night.

”Eng Bonny was involved in a serious accident as he was returning from his late-night duty. The heavy downpour brought along a log in the Road which he hit so hard that his car was smashed. He lives but will be off media for medication,” his social media administrator says.

The administrator adds in an update that ”Engineer Bonny will be fine. However, he notes/remarks that the log wasn’t brought by the rain but rather by thugs who intended to robe from him.”

He was able to defend himself and he survived, adds the message.

Further details remain scanty.

This is a developing story.

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