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Resident lists Kiwatule dark spots after another senseless murder

By Pr. Solomon Mangeni.

A resident of Kiwatule has listed dark spots in the area saying there has been an increasing level of criminality which he says has claimed lives.

Last October, a criminal gang killed Susan Alweny then working with Liberty Insurance as Head of Claims after she shopped in the area to buy groceries.

According to Pr. Solomon Mangeni, Julius Bahati, a member at Springs of Faith Church – Kiwatule was killed recently in a similar manner.

Read Pr. Mangeni’s writing (verbatim)

As a concerned citizen, I feel obligated to write about the increasing level of criminality in our communities and particularly in Kiwatule. The place you see in the pictures is now a dark spot for attacks from thugs. The attackers take advantage of darkness in the area, low human traffic especially in the early morning hours and late evenings. The place is becomingly insecure to the residents and pass-byes who use northern bypass. Two incidents happened, one to a pregnant woman, and another to a young man both unfortunately died. I didn’t know them personally however; we got the news of their passing on.

On Sunday 8th January 2023, at around 6:30am, another person was hit and robbed by thugs. This time, it was some I knew – Bahati Julius, a member at Springs of Faith Church – Kiwatule. He was hit on the head three times and pushed down from the blue-wall side and pushed down the trenches as you visibly see from the photos. He was later picked by police patrol at around 8:30am, and rushed to Mulago Hospital; unfortunately he died on Wednesday 11th/January/2023 after undergoing surgery. 

The late Bahati had for the last three months (October to December) committed himself to early morning intercessions (6am to 7:00am) at church, and thereafter go to his work post in Najjeera Bulabira, where he operated a mobile money business. It was very painful to have lost such a young man of 36years, leaving behind a very young family due to such kind of criminality. We buried him in Mityana, Namutamba – Mbiro village on Friday 13th/ January 2023.

Another painful and worrying moment was at Mulago Hospital. Bahati was picked by police patrol car and dropped at Mulago for management. Given the critical condition he was in, he needed emergency medical attention! Unfortunately, the day was Sunday, doctors, seem to go for weekend, so the patient had to endure the pain awaiting the doctors to work on him the next day – oh Uganda, may God indeed uphold thee!

The story for Mulago and how we pulled through will be for another day, however, my concern today is to appeal to police and security agencies to consider Kiwatule, and especially the areas near the bridge, behind PK super market, Wabiduku market and the down-towns of Balintuma. 

Whenever it gets darker, the criminals go on rampage looking for whom to target. You can never tell, sometimes you pass them and they hit you hard on the neck or the head. On Saturday 14th, another young man survived the attack but he was seriously injured! 

I pray and hope that the police and the concerned security agencies may consider this matter to be of security interest and act accordingly. I also wish to alert users of northern bypass and residents of Kiwatule to be more vigilant and trade with cautiously.  

Thank you. 

Pr. Solomon Mangeni.

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