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Rogers Sembajjwe, the unstoppable Kyambogo University Fresh Graduate, is now pursuing Law at Makerere University

By Executive Editor


If you looked for a word to describe Rogers Sembajjwe, it would perhaps be: Unstoppable. 

On December 7, 2023, Sembajjwe graduated with a Bachelor of Arts with Education from Kyambogo University after 3 years (say, 4 because of the Covid-19 break).

However, joining Kyambogo University was never in his plan. 

“In 2019, while applying, I first went for Makerere University to apply for Law. While there, I realized that the pre-entries were done,” says Sembajjwe in an interview with Kampala Gazette.

He adds: That is when I went to Kyambogo (University). 

However, his Plan A (LLB, Makerere University) had not completely died out. 

“So, in 2022 I had it in mind, to fulfil the first plan, which was Plan A (LLB of Makerere University). So, before even my results of Kyambogo came back, I went to Makerere University, picked pre-entry forms, filled it, sat for the exams and I was among the lucky few out of 2, 000 applicants,” says Sembajjwe. 

Ssembajjwe would later start his law-degree-journey in August 2023. 

Ahead of his graduation at Kyambogo University on December 7, 2023, Sembajjwe’s prayer was, that the day does not fall on the day his Law School exam was scheduled. 

Sembajjwe says that his decision to pursue law was not out of excitement. 

First, he wanted to do Law in the first place until he missed the pre-entry in 2019.

Secondly, he wants to take to the policymaker lane. 

Sembajjwe, an activist, believes in accessible education for all. 

“There was a basis, upon which pushed me to go for Law before graduating from Kyambogo (University). The two professions, If all goes well, I see myself in the perspective of a policy maker in the education sector. I believe in accessible education for all, not the kind of system that we are in, that whoever affords takes their children to school,” Sembajjwe says. 

According to Sembajjwe, he will continue to the Law Development Centre (LDC) after the LLB.

He tells whoever has bigger visions to have the commitment and be patient. 

“In whatever you do, there is always a divine plan in that, even if you deviate from it, you will still go back to it because its so per God’s will. So, you can’t run away from it. I had to wait for 4 years to do what I am currently doing. So, it is about patience and being committed to what you want. If I wasn’t committed to what I heard (discouragements) from the coursemates, I wouldn’t be here. Most of them were vowing never to go back to school. That it was the end. Deep in my heart, I knew what I was in for. Whenever I heard such talks, I would just keep quiet. They oftened said, naye wali ofaa ki? But me, I have a bigger vision. People will never understand what you are up to until you achieve it,” says Sembajjwe.  

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