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Shivan Alinda: Lawyers defend colleague street preacher

By Emmanuel Mwesigye

On August 4, 2023; twitterer, Ian Ndamwesiga tweeted this: This is Shivan Arinda. She graduated with super grades from LDC last month. Now she is practising as a street pastor, apparently because her pastor told her that it is her calling, not practising the law. These churches are a total disgrace and they are killing our generation.

This tweet attracted a number of reactions, positive and negative.

“Making noise on the street is not symbolic of serving god. You can go to Kalamoja and take food there, you’ll have served god better than causing noise pollution,” author Kakwenza Rukira said.

In response, Alinda said: In order to clear the air, I’ll respond as such; I am not unemployed as depicted in the tweet below.

Neither was I instructed to leave my work to pursue street preaching. I am in fact happily practicing the law. I preach the gospel but definitely not during work hours.

Meanwhile, lawyers have come out to defend Alinda.

“Shivan Arinda is a gem. There is no contradiction between her legal practice and service to God. Our duty is to respect her values and beliefs,” Ivan Bwowe said.

“When you meet Christ, you will not only preach in the streets but in bars and night clubs and in all those places your perceived cool friends hang out. You just haven’t met your personal savior yet,” lawyer Isaac Mpanga.

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