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Tayebwa tasks PM Nabbanja on Mak students bailout

Muhammad Nsereko (Kampala Central) MP has asked the government to bail out 3000 Makerere University students, grappling with paying tuition fees, instead of reserving financial bailouts for only struggling businesses, saying these students will barred from sitting for examinations and graduating, yet their parents/guardians are also taxpayers in Uganda.

“These are children of our own, this Gov’t has bailed out a number of people in business corridors, we can talk about Roko, Bujagali through tax waivers. Their parents pay their taxes, none of them wouldn’t like to see their children reaching the pinnacle of their education, that is graduating with a Bachelor’s from a University. What best thing can we do for the girl and boy child, rather than help to bail them out during their most important time of need, than investing in their education now?” remarked Nsereko.

He added: “We ask the Gov’t, to come out with a bailout, what we call an education rebate, because the students’ loan scheme was suspended, but these are the people that have tried to pay for themselves & probably are failing in the 3rd or 4th year. Therefore, our indulgence in this matter will help us treat the issue of mental health at the University, some students want to commit suicide.“

However, Deputy Speaker Thomas Tayebwa questioned how sustainable it is to bail out students facing financial distress at Universities, saying that although he understands the financial hardships the students face, there is need for the government to handle this matter with caution.

“On this issue for sure, you projected NTR for these Universities and you even appropriated it, the students are getting services & I know the hardship, but I am fearing for the precedent we would set, saying that when students fail….”

He asked the Prime Minister to “go and study this matter.

“Take your time, you look at it with very clear caution,” he said.

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