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Technology! Farmer: Why I haven’t lost a cow to thieves

When I started my farm last year, my biggest worry as a young farmer was losing a cow to theft. At least every farmer knows, how this feels. So I looked around and bought a 4G Solar Camera and installed it at the kraal. 

My immediate neighbor had lost 4 pregnant cows to thieves and my biggest concern was security for my cows at night. I had invested all my money in the cows and I was willing to pay any price for the security of my assets. This is where most Farmers get it wrong.
When I installed the camera, everyone in the village heard the news including the thieves. And word spread, that I am always watching everyone, who goes to my farm, and yes, I do. This made people fear getting to the farm uninvited.
The camera solved a management problem, that most farmers face. Dealing with farm laborers. My boys at the farm started doing work in time and doing everything, as supposed to be done, even in my absence. They assume, I am watching them all day, and yes, I watch them sometimes.
I had a farm worker who used to sell my milk to people at the farm. I once sent him a video of what he was doing, he went in shock. 
I sometimes get people to buy cows from the farm and negotiate with them, watching them on my phone. It’s effortless to do.
During spraying, de-worming, tagging, the activities are performed under my watch, even when am away from the farm. The boys can never give me wrong reports of what happened.
This is the easiest kind of technology to have on a farm and make your work easier. 

The writer is a dairy farmer and consultant and can be reached on 0787873164

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