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There more self seekers in the mainstream NRM than they are in the MK movement – Mwenda

By Executive Editor

The MK Movement, a group identical to the first son, Gen. Muhoozi Kainerugaba has responded to President Yoweri Museveni on self-seekers around the four-star General.

In a short tweet taken out MK Movement Spokesman, Andrew Mwenda by journalist, Canary Mugume; the veteran journalist and the founder of the Independent Publications says that “‘There more self seekers in the mainstream NRM than they are in the MK movement, and that’s part of the reason it’s losing popularity.”

“You remember when he celebrated his 48th birthday, there was some enthusiasm by some of the youths. When I analysed it, I could see that it was because of the weakness of our system.I could see it was sort of a resistance movement within the resistance movement(NRM). … but of course some of the things (Gen) Muhoozi doesn’t know is that some of them are looking for their own interests. Some are looking for this, some are looking for that,” Museveni is quoted by the Nile Post to have said on Wednesday after some NRM MP said many of those who had lost in the 2021 parliamentary election had joined the MK Movement.

Museveni said the issue of Muhoozi is “partly due to the weaknesses of NRM .”

“Some of the frustrated youths go to that group (MK Movement) thinking that there is hope.”

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