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Twitter Space: Letshego Nation to connect across Africa to talk ‘Power to Be & Do’ journey

On 22 February Letshego will be taking to Twitter Space to host its latest stakeholder engagement on Twitter with the ever-popular Connect Spaces platform. This sees a celebration of collaborative regional efforts of Letshego’s proudly African LetsGoNation community, while also promoting the inclusive finance entity’s progressive transformation to digital, for the benefit of customers, suppliers and communities across Africa.
Digital warriors who attend the event can look forward to meeting LetsGo event host,
Mpoeng Mphoeng, one of Twitter Space’s earliest adopters, and founder of the popular
and influential @BWConnectSpaces. Social Enterprise Entrepreneurs and recognisable Influencers of the likes of Vee Mampeezy and Thabiso Mashaba from Botswana, Mr. Macoroni from Nigeria, Neyma from Mozambique, Tracy Owusu Addo from Ghana and Masoud Kipanya from Tanzania will be joining this live online event.
Twitter Space is a unique, and fast-growing space for widely-known community
trailblazers to share personal insights into their own experiences, learnings and unpack
the ingredients for success that brought them the opportunities they celebrate and build on today.
Letshego’s ‘LetsGoNation’ is an online-based community for all Africans to join, network and share experiences, celebrating their passion for our continent and collaboration in building Africa by Africans, in simple terms, ‘Getting it Done’! Fellow Africans who wish to join the movement are invited to sign up at letsgodigitalafrica (@africaondigital) / Twitter .
The Twitter Space event will be hosted on Tuesday 22 February at 6pm (CAT)/8pm
(GTM)/9pm (EAT).
In 2021, Letshego progressed its digital strategy by launching the ‘LetsGo Digital Mall’
in 10 markets across sub-Saharan Africa. The LetsGo Digital Mall is an Omnichannel
integrated platform that customers can access via Web, WhatsApp USSD and Mobile.
The reason for the term “Mall” is Letshego’s insight into the evolution of this platform
into a digital platform that will serve to link customers, suppliers, services through a one-stop platform for all regional customers. For now, the Digital Mall serves as a catalyst to provide customers with a simple and accessible platform to their accounts, as well as a simple easy solution to apply for or top up their personal loans.

In marking the launch of Letshego’s first truly online event, Chipiliro Katundu,
Letshego’s Group Chief Marketing Officer commented, “Our first regional online
event celebrates our #LetsGoSpirit, and unlocks conversations between our diverse
nations and trailblazers who share Letshego’s passion and commitment to making a
difference in their respective communities to ‘improve lives’. The LetsGoNation
brings us together to celebrate those nuances that make our continent and people
unique, while enabling us to collaborate in creating a brighter future for all.”

• Objective: The conversation about Africa’s #LetsGo spirit, powered by Digital will best
be accelerated through use of relevant content platforms/channels.
• Platform: Twitter Spaces unlocks conversations with the depth and power only the
human voice can bring – this is how Letshego meets Africa in 2022 – through the LetsGoDigitalAfrica Space.

• The conversation – Leveraging the power of ideas, digital, unlocking opportunity, side hustles, turning passions to business while connecting start-ups, hustlers, and
innovators, Digital Ideators, African fintechs, Boss Ladies and the Ogas, the young
entrepreneurs, visionaries, the creatives, trail blazers and trendsetters.
The LetsGo Twitter Space event is a vehicle to connect start-ups, side hustles,
innovators digital ideators and African Fintechs with young entrepreneurs, visionaries,
creatives, trail blazers and trendsetters to deliver a sharing and cross-pollination of
ideas that can later be transformed into viable business opportunities.
Giles Germany Aijukwe, Letshego Uganda CEO added, “Today, we have onboarding over 100000 EAC customers onto our Digital Mall. Through digital, we can not only enhance access and create a seamless experience for our customers, but also deliver more products more regularly – in Uganda, our customers can look forward to new solutions in (housing) and (payments) available with a few clicks via our Digital Mall channels.”

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