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Uganda to host African Development Finance Institutions for Fast-Tracking Sustainability Development across the Continent

The top leadership of Development Finance Institutions in Africa will convene in Uganda from the 23rd to 24th of January 2024 to learn from the experience Uganda Development Bank (UDBL) in embracing the rigorous Sustainability Standards.

The benchmarking visit organized under the auspicious of the African Association of Development Finance Institutions (AADFI) in cooperation with the European Organisation for Sustainable Development and hosted by UDB, will be hinged on embracing the Sustainability Standards to achieve world-class corporate governance to create social, economic, environmental impact, and tackle climate change.

According to Cyril Okoye, the Secretary General of AADFI, the 2-Day Executive Visit by the leadership of the African financial sector will be an opportunity for Uganda to demonstrate to the world its contribution to the global sustainable development agenda.

“UDB will showcase how it is complying with the Sustainability Standards latest version to ensure it plays a game-changing role in revolutionizing the agriculture sector, industrializing Uganda, and boosting the services sector,” he said.

Based on its success in implementing the Sustainability Standards Version 1.0 and the Bank’s progress in embracing the more rigorous, holistic, and cutting-edge Sustainability Standards Version 2.0, UDB has become a recognized focal point in the field of sustainable banking and finance space for financial institutions from around the world, including development finance institutions commercial banks, non-bank financial institutions, and microfinance banks.

“We will share with the visiting delegates our experiences in the implementation of Sustainability Standards. We will also address the issue of the growing risk of greenwashing that can not only cause reputational damage but also hinder investments in the sustainable development of the countries,” said Patricia Ojangole, the Managing Director of UDB.

“Some of the topics for discussion will include governance and management, digitalization, products, human capital, stakeholder engagement, risk, and climate change.”

UDB, which has been at the forefront of sustainable banking and finance over the last few years, is today considered by AADFI and the wider global community a leader in this space attracting the attention of investors, bankers, and other stakeholders around the world. The Bank and its Managing Director, has for three consecutive years, been awarded the Sustainability Leader of the Year at the global prestigious Karlsruhe Sustainability Awards held in Germany.

However, the Bank considers its current role as a welcoming beginning and is currently putting all its efforts into complying with the world’s most comprehensive Sustainability Standards Version 2.0. It is preparing itself to be a powerful force in fast-tracking Uganda’s sustainability journey to become a fully developed, industrialized, and climate-friendly country.

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