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Ugandans angry after officials go with wives, husbands, & waragi for UN meet

By Executive Editor

The Shadow Minister for Foreign Affairs, Muwada Nkunyingi, has led the Opposition in Parliament in protesting the 71-member delegation Uganda sent to the United Nations General Assembly, saying such wastage of public resources is insensitive towards Ugandan taxpayers.

Muwada, while citing the Ministerial Policy Statement for 2023-2024, said the Uganda Mission in New York listed among its achievements shipping 25 crates of Uganda Waragi to the US, wondering if the 71 officials went to consume the alcoholic drink.

“We have a failed diplomatic policy; we have a non-guided diplomatic policy; our diplomats are basically political appointees without any knowledge of diplomacy; and little wonder, every government department is fidgeting to sit somewhere and take a photo, but not representing the views and aspirations of the people of Uganda. We condemn such reckless conduct and approach. We want a foreign policy that prioritizes the welfare of Ugandans abroad, but the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is prioritizing their stomachs and families,” Muwada said.

Muwada (Kyadondo East MP) also questioned the relevance of Uganda’s Mission in New York, which is meant to represent Uganda at the UN, but delegates are still sent from Uganda to do the same duty the Mission is doing. 

“We protest the selfish wasteful expenditure on foreign activity that totally disregards the welfare of citizens abroad but has now tilted to offering leisure for ministers, their spouses, and their staff. The billions of money spent on the big non-invited Uganda delegation could have been used to assist in repatriating the stranded Ugandan citizens in the Middle East or boost service delivery in Uganda,” said Nkunyingi.

Although Muwada did not mention names, Vice President Jessica Alupo traveled with her husband, Peter Abaine, while the Minister of State for Foreign Affairs (International Affairs) went with his wife, Joyce.

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