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Water & Environment: Why UBC’s Dorcus Namono dropped covering Court after visiting Egypt

By Davis Mugabi

UBC’s Environment Journalist Dorcus Namono has revealed why she dropped covering court news in favour of environment.

Namono recalls that it was soon after she visited Egypt.

“I was covering court until i visited some countries like Egypt,” Namono told a training of environment journalists in Entebbe on August 16, 2023. “They have drinking water in all public places. As long and you have a cup, you just fetch and drink.”

Yet, Namono added: Egypt relies on one Water Source – the Source of the Nile.

“It rains only once a year around November and does not go beyond 15 minutes,”Namono said, narrating her experience that: “It was cloudy and i thought it was going to rain. I ran to take shelter. They told me, no, it’s not going to rain.”

But according to Namono, Egypt has water everywhere.

“That got me, and when i returned to the newsroom, that changed my life,” said Namono.

Currently, Namono covers the Water and Environment sector.

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