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What killed Muni University VC Prof. Dranzoa revealed

By Davis Mugabi

Details are starting to emerging, showing what led to the demise of Muni University Vice Chancellor, Prof. Christine Dranzoa.

Prof. Dranzoa died at 3am Tuesday morning from Mulago hospital.

Family sources trace her illness February when she lost her brother, Charles Wewedru Izal.

Izale, an Old Boy of Ombacci was a seasoned teacher of laboratory science at Mulago complex who died from septic shock as a result of ruptured intestinal obstruction.

Upon return from burial, Dr. Dranzoa was expressly admitted to Mulago hospital for nearly two months, having suffered weakness of the spine and paralysis of lower limbs.

Even after discharge, source further add, she could not move on her personal volition except with aid of wheelchair. Sources note that three weeks ago, she was readmitted in Ward 6B having suffered severe stroke.

“She could not talk. Amidst all efforts to revive her through palliative care, she has gone to rest,” a family source told Kampala Gazette.

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