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Young couple separates days after lavish ‘kukyala’

By Davis Mugabi

A young couple has separated after their introduction ceremony (kukyala).

The couple has been identified as Timothy Lukyamuzi and Winnie.

The paid had their introduction ceremony in late January 2024.

However, they split days later.

The separation followed an allegation from the bride that her groom had stolen from her.

The bride, a resident of Kyebando Central Zone, told Kanyanya Police Station on February 3, 2024, that after their introduction, Lukyamuzi borrowed keys to her apartment, from where he picked her valuable items. 

After that, Winnie says that Lukyamuzi disappeared.

However, Deputy Kampala Metropolitan Police Spokesman Luke Owoyesigyire says that the property was found. 

“Only the TV was mortgaged, as the receipt lists the gentleman as owner,” said Owoyesigyire.

He said “the man is not on the run.”

New details

The bride maintains that her boyfriend, Lukyamuzi, 26, had taken her household items without permission.

But upon investigation, it was determined that during February 2024, Winnie left their shared residence due to domestic issues and sought refuge at her sister’s place, Nakasita Evelyn, in Namavundu Gayaza, Wakiso District.

According to Winnie, on February 3, 2024, around 1 PM, she received a call from her boyfriend informing her that he had relocated their belongings to an undisclosed location following an eviction notice from their landlord. Despite attempts to reach him by phone, he was unreachable, prompting her to report the incident to the police as a case of domestic violence and theft.

Lukyamuzi voluntarily presented himself to the police and provided his statement, denying any intention of theft. He explained that he had transferred the belongings to his sister’s workplace for safekeeping while he searched for alternative housing. Subsequently, the missing items were recovered at his sister’s workplace with the assistance of the police.

Both parties agreed to separate their belongings temporarily, as they work towards resolving their domestic issues amicably.

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