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Cecilia Ogwal: Family splits; Dokolo side to fill candidate against political heir

By Simon Komakech

With the country’s Electoral Commission yet to issue the roadmap, the ground is already hotter. 

Once Dokolo Woman Member of Parliament-seat is declared vacant and the roadmap released, candidates will have to formally show interest in replacing Cecilia Ogwal (RIP).

However, there are already Divisions on who exactly will replace the deceased from he side of the family. 

From the marital district in Kole, her daughter, Rosemary, has reportedly been handpicked as the political heir. However, in Dokolo, Mrs. Ogwal’s district of birth, her family there is plotting to fill a candidate.

The latter decision followed a disagreement on where Mrs. Ogwal was to be buried. Her Dokolo family wanted their child buried there. It did not happen. In fact, there were voices from Dokolo during the mourning period that “the body only passed by“ and as such, this time, they want someone who will be there own in life and death.

By press time, the Mrs. Ogwal’s Dokolo family was yet to identify a candidate.

NRM Division
However, the division has not spared the ruling party.

A section of NRM supporters want the flag bearer in the 2021 Parliamentary Polls.

The other section wants the NRM-District Chairperson, Molly Kia. Kia is being backed by influential politicians in the district. These include MPs. 

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